Kevin Turner
Janet has helped three generations of my family get into homes here in the Rogue Valley. She recently negotiated a deal in this tough market to get me into my first home. Janet is a veteran in this field, and knows real estate markets like the back of her hand. I highly recommend her whether you are buying or selling, she will get the deal closed. Thank You1

If you are looking for a home, property, or land to build on Janet is your girl. I had such a wonderful experience buying with her. I was originally looking at property and then transitioned to buying in town, she was right there with me and on the ball the whole time. I was a first time buyer and had a lot of questions and Janet always responded in a timely manner and never made me feel like my questions were too small or that I asked too many. Now that I have closed she has kept in touch wanting to know how everything is going and if I’m still happy with my purchase. I couldn’t have had a better realtor or better experience.

Carla & Andy Winkler
"Fantastic! Janet was a very positive force in the entire process of selling and finding a new home. We had an extensive 'tick-list' we were trying to meet when considering a new home. She helped us evaluate and re-evaluate along the way and we could not be more happy with the end result. She knows her stuff and also worked so closely with our finance lender that it really made the journey seamless. I have referred people to her in the past and was glad to get to make the journey with her now. If you are thinking of buying or selling... JANET IS YOUR GAL !"

Bill Jarvis
If you ever need an amazing realtor that will absolutely go the distance, look no further than Janet Lopez. Janet was the second agent we hired (the first wasn't getting enough showings) and she helped us navigate one of the toughest sales, I've ever been through. We've bought and sold many houses and apartment buildings but this was unique. The home sat on a busy street (limited buyer pool) was built in the early 1900’s and needed repairs (even more limited pool), and was in-use as a Golden Girls type boarding home for older women (almost impossibly small buyer pool). To top things off, the home was owned by my 93 year old mom who lives 500 miles away and me, who lives 2500 miles away.

Janet dealt with tenants who answered the door naked during a showing (a site most buyers just can't un-see!) facilitating repairs, calling structural engineers to respond to inspection comments, and a dead deer in the front yard. Those were actually the easy issues and I’m reluctant to actually comment on everything she handled as she’d go broke if she delivered the level of service she gave us, to every other client. Every time she called, I dreaded answering the phone as I was certain it would be the day she fired us! She never did - she stayed cheerful, persistent, and professional every step of the way. Finally, did I mention she did all of this during a worldwide pandemic? Janet, in my book, has become not just our lifelong agent, she has also become a lifelong friend.

If you want a listing lover (agent who just collects listings but never sells anything) Janet's not your gal. If you want a pro who will find a way to get your home sold for a fair price, the Original JLO is the way to go!

Randy W.
Janet Lopez is a fantastic agent to work with. I am a commercial contractor and developer who came to Oregon to slow down. My career forced me to move fast and to have competent people around me. My wife and i ran into Janet from her flyer on a residential property in Ashland and we eventually closed escrow on that house. She was interested, competent, and knowledgeable about the market in the area. She was a detailed person who usually pushed hard to get things from the client per the agreements.

We eventually did two more successful residential deals when I decided to sell the income property that I built. I asked Janet to help on the sale and to just follow my lead and learn about income property sales. After that sale, she helped us buy, and eventually sell, a multimillion dollar property that I built and rented. She is now a competent commercial realtor  that I would invite to any future deal that I come up with.

Kevin & Tammy R.
Janet Lopez is by far the best real estate agent we have worked with. Janet has a real talent for locating what the buyer is searching for in a home, and is a delight to work with. We recommend her highly to anyone searching for a home.

Nick & Sheena S.
Janet was amazing. We thank god for the blessing of her. Thank you! She walked us thru everything, comforted us, was there whenever we needed her. We honestly could not have done this without her. She fought like a mother bear for us and we are so thankful.

Steve B.
Thank you, JLO! You understood what I was looking for and we knocked it out in a couple of hours. Strong work!

Randy &Marianne W.
This is written primarily to express joy for the delightful real estate experience we had with our rehab project property. Janet's specific knowledge of the local real estate market to ensure that the pricing would not leave the house to stagnate on the "for sale" market for an extended period was appreciated.

Annette & Jeff P.
Janet - We sure do appreciate the extreme effort you put into our tiny piece of land-locked land! You are totally awesome! Thank you so much in your part in simplifying our lives!

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